Recommended Books on Atwater Kent

I highly recommend this book by Ralph O. Williams. He was the foremost expert on A. Atwater Kent and his radios. Before his death in 2002 Ralph was a contributing advisor to this web site. This book is published by the Antique Wireless Association and is known officially as The AWA Review, Volume 12, 1999. The profits from the sale of this book go to the Antique Wireless Association.

Atwater Kent Radios Book Cover"The Atwater Kent Radios" by Ralph O. Williams.

This book is no longer available in paperback but may be purchased on CD ROM, for $14.95, postage paid, check to The AWA Museum, sent to P.O. Box 421, Bloomfield, NY 14469.
The museum curator, Ed Gable may also be contacted via e-mail at:

The following books are available from Click on the book icons for more information or to purchase them.

An excellent book dealing with Atwater Kent Radios and their history is:

Check out the following book if you are interested in finding the value of your Atwater Kent Radio.

Should you be interested in repairing your own radio check out the following books.

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