Atwater Kent Model 84

ak84 image

This Model 84 grandfather clock with 5 tubes plus rectifier and superheterodyne tuner was manufactured in 1931. This picture provided courtesy of Stan Watkins at ANTIQUE RADIOS BY WATKINS RESTORATIONS.

ak84cthf image ak84cthb image

The Model 84 radio was manufactured in 1931.
These pictures provided courtesy of Tom Davis. Tom can be reached at

John Neuman recently acquired this model 84 in a small console configuration and keep in mind that these models were the entertainment centers of their day where people would listen to sports, dramatic shows, even political speeches. It was originally sold and purchased in Canada and has an Atwater Kent Canadian License sticker on the chassis shelf inside the cabinet. It has the early type 84 chassis with 24A's. John says the cabinet seems like somewhat of a budget model, it's very light weight and rather plain, yet with a pleasing style. This picture provided courtesy of John Neuman. John can be reached at

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