Atwater Kent Model 558

ak558 front image ak558 back image

The Model 558 radio was manufactured in 1932 and was available in AC, DC, or battery power models.
These pictures provided courtesy of Luis Sempere Paya. Luis writes a very interesting story concerning his radio which I would like to share with you here. He writes:
This radio was bought by my grandfather before 1936. In 1936 (Spanish Civil War) his radio was requisitioned by local authorities in a little town near Alicante,(Spain) "Banyeres de Mariola". During the war the radio was used by local authorities to know the war news. When the war finished in 1939 the radio was returned to my grandfather. In 1979 the radio did not work and it was impossible for me repair it. Then I decided to remove all the components, which I kept in a box for 18 years, and I built a radio with modern european radio tubes. Some years later, I regreted it because I began to collect information about schematics and tubes of old radios. In 1997, I found the schematic of my AK 558 in the Web site of Nostalgia Air. The schematic had all the details that I needed to reconstruct the radio with the components that I kept in a box 18 years before. Now my radio is working with its genuine circuit and tubes with minimumal changes like electrolytic condensers, resistors, capacitors and the power transformer.
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