Atwater Kent Model 55

ak55 in Kiel table

The Model 55 radio was manufactured in 1929. At that time, furniture makers made cabinets to compliment the chassis of such high end radios. The Kiel Company, originally out of Milwaukee, was one of the more well known companies to do this. Originally, the price for these units was $175. Even though this was quite a large sum at the time, the "golden voiced table" was a big hit and they offered payment installment options which made it even more sought after, even if it meant customers had to save their income tax and budget for it. The Model 55 was built with quality in mind, advertised as a "outstanding achievement" and the payment plan also helped the business. This one below is no exception. It was built into a Kiel table, which also included the signature detail of running the power cord inside the rear left leg of the table. The picture was provided courtesy of Marty Bunis.

ak55 in Pooley Cabinet

Many different furniture makers in Philadelphia made cabinets for Atwater Kent radios. This Model 55 is in a Pooley cabinet.

This Model 55 is in a Adler-Royal cabinet and has doors that open and close. These pictures were provided courtesy of Terry Evans. Terry can be reached

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