Atwater Kent Model 509W


This handsome Model 509W was manufactured in 1935. It was a 9 tube, AC powered model that picked up short wave as well as standard broadcast and was called the "Tune-O-Matic". What really set this model aside from other Atwater Kents were the "Tune-O-Magic" features. They allowed you to use the clock to program the time and selection of your favorite radio stations. Should you be unhappy with your selection you could remotely change stations from your easy chair without ever getting up. It accomplished this with a cabled remote control that let you select between seven preprogramed stations, turn the radio off, or return control back to the clock. However, to adjust the volume you still had to walk over to the front of the set.

Externally, this set is identical to the model 511 but electronically they were different. The model 509 having 9 tubes and the model 511 having 11. Despite these differences electronically, they were functionally the same.

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