Atwater Kent Model 30

ak30 image

The Model 30 radio was manufactured in 1926. It had six tubes and was battery powered. This was the first Atwater Kent radio to use a single knob for tuning and was a major selling point for this model. The speaker is an Atwater Kent Type E 2.
This picture provided courtesy of Carlos Lazarini Fonseca at the Cape Old Radio Page.

AK 30 in Pooley Cabinet AK 30 in Pooley Cabinet with doors open

Atwater Kent sold radios to various furniture makers for inclusion in their cabinets. This piece is great in the den or as reception furniture in a private office as well. Here is an example of a model 30 in a Pooley cabinet. Notice the storage space in the bottom for the batteries. These pictures were provided by Randy Corrradino.

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