Atwater Kent - Retail Stores

Retail Store 1

Retail Store 2

Atwater Kent sold his radios in many retail outlets across America.
These pictures are believed to have been of a radio store located in either Sheboygan or Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
The second picture is of the shop's back room. The person in the second picture was named Dennis Walker.

Retail Store 3

This is the J. Fred Huber Radio Store in Washington D.C. The year was 1926.

Retail Store 4

This photograph is of the store window display of the Thomas R. Shipp Company.
They sold Atwater Kent Radio Equipment and were located on Woodward & Lothrop in Washington, D.C. The year was 1928.

1934 New York Radio Expo

This photograph is of the Atwater Kent Display at the 1934 New York Radio Expo.

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